research and policy

Rethinking ethics review from a decolonial perspective

Doctoral researchers Raghavi Viswanath (Law), Anastasia Prokhorova (SPS), and Ophelia Nicole-Berva (SPS) unpack the construction of risk in fieldwork, consent as a process, and the issue of ‘giving back’ to communities being studied, in this takeaway from a workshop they organised.

Why better research on the Western Balkans is worth it

Professor Jelena Dzankic, of the EUI’s Global Governance Programme, spells out how better data and research infrastructure can improve policymaking and empower civil society, ultimately smoothing Western Balkans countries’ path to joining the EU – a prospect recently on the agenda again.

Will independent research help the EU tackle disinformation?

The EU policy response to disinformation expands researchers’ involvement beyond data analysis to fostering accountability and public scrutiny. Lisa Ginsborg and Paula Gori, of the European Digital Media Observatory, point out key considerations for collaboration, infrastructure and capacity building, and data protection if this effort is to succeed.