Challenging eurocentrism in European feminist foreign policies

Connecting Black History Month with Women’s History Month, EUI Max Weber Fellow Miriam Mona Mukalazi and Fennet Habte from the Global Public Policy Institute reflect on African feminist thought, on feminist foreign policies, and call for feminist solidarity to try to change global politics.

Tall poppies and pulled punches

To illuminate an important aspect of gender inequality, EUI Professor Klarita Gërxhani and colleagues have been investigating how women and men experience their own performance  in competitive situations.

The digital economy: Are we ready for gender inclusive work?

On International Women’s Day, Policy Leader Fellows at the EUI honed in on the issue of gender inclusive work in the digital economy. Read some of their take-aways in this new article in EUIdeas.

Debunking myths about women in the security sector

On International Women’s Day, STG Policy Leader Fellow Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash provides an insider’s look at the state of gender mainstreaming in the security sector. It’s not enough to simply “add women and stir”.

Beyond quota systems: bridging the political gap for women

To achieve gender parity in politics we need to target the gatekeepers: male party leadership. School of Transnational Governance Policy Leader Fellow Costanza Hermanini argues that effective programmes for the empowerment of women are those that make party leaders aware of the political value of parity, and of the practical obstacles to a woman’s political career.

Women, Leadership and the Media

Experts and practitioners in gender, media and law recommend a range of strategies to address gender imbalances in the media sector.