Jacqueline Gordon

Do not pause vaccinating

COVID-19 is a dangerous and deadly disease. Economists Peter Hansen and David Levine argue that stopping or delaying vaccination with the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines out of an “abundance of caution” is not worth the risk.

AI, Hume and a guillotine: The dangers of machine-learning loops

A logical shortcut that is natural to humans becomes dangerous when it is a feature of artificial intelligence (AI). EUI Researcher Francisco de Abreu Duarte illustrates how algorithms can ‘scale’ normative choices that society no longer supports.

Mr Navalny, the Muckraker

EUI Professor of History Alexander Etkind and Rutgers University Sociologist Sergei Erofeev focus on Russian democratic leader Alexei Navalny, urging readers to recognise his efforts in the fight against corruption in Russia, and entreating Amnesty International to reinstate the man’s status as a ‘prisoner of conscience’.

Trade Liberalisation and Labour Market Institutions

Globalisation, and particularly global trade, produces clear winners and losers. EUI visiting fellow and political economist Aydin Yildirim and his co-authors examine the national labour market structures that do best in mitigating unequal returns on global trade.

Tall poppies and pulled punches

To illuminate an important aspect of gender inequality, EUI Professor Klarita Gërxhani and colleagues have been investigating how women and men experience their own performance  in competitive situations.

Give war a chance? Ethiopia’s military action in Tigray

A conflict between Ethiopia and the TPLF is destabilising the country and the region, and some parties are calling to let the war run its course. STG Policy Leader Fellow Ibrahim Magara demurs in an analysis for EUIDeas.

The digital economy: Are we ready for gender inclusive work?

On International Women’s Day, Policy Leader Fellows at the EUI honed in on the issue of gender inclusive work in the digital economy. Read some of their take-aways in this new article in EUIdeas.